Let´s Test 2014 – Let´s summarize

During Let´s Test 2014 I wrote a blog post each day from what had happened that day and my thoughts about it: (Day 1Day 2 and Day 3). Now, almost a week removed from the conference I have had some time to reflect a bit more and thought it was time to make some kind of retrospective of my experience. I have divided this into two different sections, one covering my own “performance” at the conference and one covering feedback about the conference itself.

Me at the conference

Let´s Test was an awesome experience for me and I really hope I will have the opportunity to attend next year. I´m happy that I had the energy to blog about each day while at the conference. That really helped me collect my thoughts and better remember all the wisdom that was thrown at me. Since the long days with lots of interactions are quite tiersome for someone more at the introvert end of the scale, the moments of solitude blogging also helped gain new energy for the upcoming activities. I´m also happy that I participated in the discussions that where held in all the sessions. Being my first time at the conference I was a little bit hesitant at first but felt more and more comfortable as the conference progressed.  One thing I regret in retrospect is not spending more time in the Test lab. It seems (from other blogs) that some of the most interesting stuff happened in the lab. People testing, sharing their experience and having fun together can´t go wrong. 

The conference itself

What I liked:

  • The people: Lots of nice fellow testers with inspiring thoughts.
  • The venue: Great place to hold a conference (and good food too). Nuff said.
  • The content: All sessions and workshops I attended ranged from good to great. I.e. very high quality overall with no dips.
  • Around the clock activity: The conference did not end in the afternoon. There was stuff going on in the evenings such as the Test lab, discussions, extra workshops, lightning talks etc.

As previously stated I loved the experience of Let´s Test (easily the best testing event I have attended). Still, I´d like to throw out some ideas on how to make it even better:

  • The general thought about collaborative sessions is great. You get input from others as well as you get to know people. Although as a bit more of an introvert I tend to run out of energy when interacting with people non-stop. I would have liked to have more of a mixed program where some sessions had more collaboration and some where more based on working on your own or sitting back and listening. Maybe there could be some kind of indicators provided by the organizer on how interactive and collaborative each session is? In this way each participant could choose between sessions to get a good mix.
  • Due to the interactive and collaborative kind of sessions that where held, the content was created on the fly. Hence it was up to each participant to make own notes about the discussions and the conclusions drawn. Maybe it could be useful to have someone document and summarize the output?
  • More good examples on context driven testing. Since it was disussed in one of the sessions on how to promote context driven testing I feel that it would be great to get more success stories from people who have implemented that way of thinking where they work. This would be very inspirational and also good from a learning perspective. I think @testertested had this kind of session and maybe there where more that I missed.
  • Maybe there could be a way to organize discussions in smaller groups. I.e. somewhere it would be possible to post a subject, time and place in order to gather peers interested in the same area (E.g. Subject: “Experiences on risk based testing”, Time: 20.00, Place: Room X). This would be a nice alternative to get good discussions going among people with the same interests.  
  • No detailed information about the sessions/workshops was handed out which is fine (saves trees). I feel that there could have been some larger posters with the detailed information in strategic places. Especially since it was hard to access that info from mobile devices (due to drop down menu issues). 

So that´s my retrospective of Let´s Test 2014. Hopefully I will be able to write one for Let´s Test 2015 as well!


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